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What Is “The Cloud”?

What Is “The Cloud”?

So what is “the cloud” anyway? What does it mean.

Great first question. Basically, the cloud really isn’t a thing, it’s a new way of doing computer software and hardware. In the old days – actually just a few years ago – individuals and businesses alike had to purchase expensive hardware and software in order to store their stuff and run various types of programs (now more commonly  called “applications” or “apps”).

The cloud way of doing things is to have all of that sofware,hardware and your private data residing and running on a remote or “hosted” service whereby the user or business only needs a web enabled device to access it all.

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Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

lock iconGoogle Apps and Cloud 9 Business Apps goes to great lengths to secure your data (see the videos below). Born in the cloud, Google has been building custom distributed data centers from day one. Your data is yours and yours alone – your contract with Cloud 9 and Google states this clearly and explicitly. Google Apps tools enable you to control your data, including who you wish to share it with and how you share it. Contrary to what Microsoft would have you believe, Google does not read your mail though it is scanned by machines to detect spam and other malicious content. They do not machine scan your businesses mail or any of your other data to show you ads as is the case

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Initial Consulting/Demonstration – FREE

Cloud 9 Business Apps offers a free initial consulting and demonstration to help you decide if moving to the cloud is right for your business.

Ongoing Monthly Charges

Google Apps is a subscription based service offered by Cloud 9 Business Apps at almost laughably low rates made possible by the incredible scale of the Google’s operations.

For only $5.00 per user per month

Yes, only 17 cents per day you can get Google Apps for Business empowering your people and your company.

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Cloud 9 business apps has bean deploying Google Apps for Business accounts for more than 5 years, an eternity in the world of technology. We provide consulting, set-up, data migration, change management, training and support services for all aspects of transitioning your business to “cloud” based storage, communication and collaboration.

Our Philosophy & Mission

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Information & people are the lifeblood of  any organization – whether you’re a sole proprietorship or a multinational corporation. We’re here to add value by substantially reducing your information technology costs and empowering your organization’s people

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dolly iconIf you are a small business operator, think of Google Apps as the great equalizer when it comes to information technology. With Google Apps you are likely to have a leg up on even the largest of your competitors. This is cutting edge stuff and even most of your large competitors won’t have it yet. But those that do will be paying the same amount per user as you have to pay . Welcome to the new world where even information technology is really just another commodity, you pay for only what you use. Now small businesses can enjoy what even large corporations did not have just a few short years ago. Store and access all your stuff and communicate and collaborate in the future .

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More than 5 Million businesses around the world have “gone Google” & to the best of our knowledge, no business has ever gone back.

Here are just a few small and gigantic ones:

Large Companies

  • Delta Hotels and Resorts
  • Motorola Mobile Devices
  • Konica Minolta
  • Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM)
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Trump Hotels Group
  • Genentech
  • Hunter Douglas
  • McClatchy Company
  • Virgin America
  • Shaw Industries
  • The Roche Group

Small Companies

  • Banshee Wines
  • Providence Restaurant Group
  • Bowery Lane Bicycles
  • Brazos Bookstore
  • Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Gofer Ice Cream
  • Onassis Clothing
  • Premier Guitar
  • Music Clout
  • The Gillespie Law Group
  • The Standard Agency
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